Assisted learning made easy!

Has your child been diagnosed with learning disabilities, disorders or difficulties?

Our primary school based in Craighall offers specialised independent support that nurtures each and every learner.

We pride ourselves in creating a secure environment where our learners’ needs can be individually addressed, offering learners a unique learning experience.

We cater for learners who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities, disorders or difficulties; learning impairment, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia and/ or dysgraphia.

We also cater for children who have lost confidence and have a poor self-esteem. 

children at remedial school

Specialised Learning That Closes The Gap

At Craiglands School we strive to create a learning environment that nourishes our learners’ minds and combines this with the social and emotional skills they need to navigate their daily lives.

Why Us?

Beyond our unique teaching methods, we also offer our own:

  1. Private occupational therapy
  2. Speech therapy
  3. Physiotherapy 
  4. Intimate and Engaging Classes
  5. CAPS curriculum in a supportive and aided class system
  6. Homely environment where children feel confident to be themselves

Enquire to give your child the tools to thrive today!